About The Calm Classroom

In 2018, I was a burned-out public educator, constantly stressed and emotionally unavailable for my students and loved ones. My students were acting out, self-care went out the window, and I felt powerless to regain control in and out of the classroom. This ultimately motivated me to take some time off in order to reevaluate my path and priorities.

During this time, I discovered and practiced diverse wellness strategies, including journaling, deep breathing, and mindfulness. As I began to heal, I also began to reflect — about my students, their anxieties and stressors, and how helpful it would have been if I had learned and understood the value of these life-changing strategies when I was their age.

I returned to teaching with the intention of incorporating these practices in my classroom through restorative justice and direct instruction of social-emotional content. The effects were incredible — my students were calmer, my classroom became a safe and productive space, and my mental health greatly improved.  It was harder to find age-appropriate resources on these topics at the time, so I created them. Craving community, conversation, and a place to share, I made an Instagram profile, and The Calm Classroom was born.

The Calm Classroom is dedicated to creating clear and actionable self-care and social-emotional learning tools so you and your little ones can learn and practice wellness strategies in the classroom and beyond. I hope our resources bring you peace and joy for years to come. 

Katie Plunkett
Founder and Owner

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