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Creating CALM

Are you ready to transform your teaching practice & create the calm classroom you've always dreamed of?

Join Creating Calm, the self-paced 7 module interactive course & professional development program designed to help you create your own calm classroom environment.

Does this sound like you?


You have literally thousands of things to think about & don't know where to start.


You are #teachertired & want to find a healthier work-life balance.


Your go-to strategies aren't working anymore & you need more support.


Despite all of this, you STILL have passion & drive to show up & serve your students.

Trust us, we get it.

Teaching is freaking HARD, & it's only gotten harder in recent years. Responsibilities are constantly being added to our plates. Work-life balance is becoming more difficult to achieve. Time-tested strategies aren't working anymore. Yet we're STILL busting our buns to show up & serve our students each day. 


What if we told you it didn't have to be like this?

There's a tried & true formula to foster a calm classroom environment that is productive, restorative, student-centered, & totally manageable, & we're sharing it with you.

Creating effective classroom systems & strategies shouldn't be so overwhelming or confusing, & it shouldn't take years or even decades of experience to feel confident in your teaching practice.


This is the roadmap that teacher preparation programs won't give you. Yes, this journey will take focus, hard work, & a whole lot of heart...but you're ready to finally get to that destination, aren't you?


Inside Creating Calm, we take you on a 7-part journey toward the classroom & career you've always dreamed about. By the end, you'll feel confident & ready to create calm within your classroom & yourself.

Let us guess. You've

already tried . . .

❌ ...spending hours or days creating your own classroom systems from scratch.

❌ ...reading dozens of books & articles to find resources that may or may not work for your students.

❌ ...implementing a myriad of strategies without adequate support to maintain them.

❌ ...scrolling through social media trying to understand how the Instagram teachers do it.

❌ ...trying to do everything perfectly but feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Or...maybe you've found your stride, but are looking for innovative ideas & actionable tools to level up your teaching practice.

Let us guess. . .

You already tried . . .

❌ ...spending hours or days creating your own classroom systems from scratch.

❌ ...reading dozens of books & articles to find resources that may or may not work for your students.

❌ ...implementing a myriad of strategies without adequate support to maintain them.

❌ ...scrolling through social media trying to understand how the Instagram teachers do it.

❌ ...trying to do everything perfectly but feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Or...maybe you've found your stride, but are looking for innovative ideas & actionable tools to level up your teaching practice.

If you're struggling to create calm within your classroom, it's probably for one of these key reasons . . .


You don't have a roadmap.


You've been throwing things at the wall, but they aren't sticking. You've read countless books & articles, listened to so many podcasts, & have attended dozens of trainings that yield rare results. You need a guide to clearly & confidently show you the way.


You're not clear on

your values.


You make thousands of decisions each day, & so many of them seem impossible. You may feel dissatisfied with prior decisions you've made. Boundaries are difficult to identify, let alone uphold & protect. You need clarity on what matters most to you.


Your room isn't conducive to calm.


Your classroom doesn't serve every student. Students might be uncomfortable, distracted, or difficult to access. You have limited control over your room size, shape, & furniture, & you need support finding creative solutions.


You don't know your students.


You're struggling to connect with your students & find subjects & activities that excite them. They are acting out or shutting down. You need practical strategies to cultivate community, respect, & positive relationships in your classroom.


Your routines need an upgrade.


You need more routines or perhaps some serious upgrades. Students may be overwhelmed, confused, or unable to perform certain tasks in your classroom. You need resources to structure procedures that will actually work for you & your students.


You're trying to

do everything.


You have high expectations for yourself. You may even consider yourself a perfectionist. The problem is that you've been trying to do everything instead of doing the right things. You need someone to show you what those things are.


You've been inconsistent.



You've tried other programs & so many strategies, but it's been tough to uphold them. Maybe those programs weren't right for you, or maybe they didn't consider the realities of teaching today. You need strategies & systems you can sustain.


Your work-life

balance is off.



You have trouble detaching at the end of the day & you're often the last car in the lot. Your job is relentless & at times, all-consuming. You crave balance, but haven't achieved it. You need coaching to better protect your personal boundaries.

Sound familiar?

Here's the thing.

Education & teaching have fundamentally changed.

Staff shortages, health concerns, learning loss, distance learning, & an ever-growing list of responsibilities have all contributed to higher levels of teacher burnout & attrition than ever before. So many educators feel overwhelmed, overworked, & utterly exhausted.

Teacher preparation programs did not effectively prepare educators for the realities teachers are facing today. We are offering you the tools you need to bridge these learning gaps.

It's time for you to take back control.


Creating CALM

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Creating Calm is a tried & true classroom transformation system designed to help teachers create systems & implement strategies that are efficient, effective, & completely sustainable from day one.

This is a self-paced 7-module professional development course for educators, created by a teacher & a social worker who have actually been there, done it, & have taught others how to do it, too. 

Check out the curriculum. . .

Inside Creating Calm, you'll gain access to the curriculum listed below, as well as weekly office hours with your coaches so you can create your calm classroom with confidence.

Module 1:


Reflect on your formative experiences in the classroom, as student & teacher, & set goals for the school year.


✨ Reflect on your childhood & memories of school.
✨ Think about your recent experiences as a teacher.
✨ Use your reflections to identify goals & set intentions going forward.

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Module 2:


Clarify your classroom mission, vision, & values & envision your space.


✨ Identify effective strategies & resources to apply in your space by examining other teachers' classrooms.
✨ Consider the function of your classroom & each space by responding to reflective questions.
✨ Clearly articulate your own classroom mission, vision, & values by considering guiding questions & examples.

Module 3:


Consider function & inclusion & build a blueprint for your classroom environment.


✨ Select specific spaces & displays to include in your classroom by considering function & diverse learners.
✨ Create a practical layout for your floor & wall spaces with spatial examination & mapping.
✨ Prepare for set-up by identifying wants vs. needs & creating a budget or sourcing plan.

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Module 4:


Design & activate simple, sustainable, & student-led systems to manage & maintain your calm classroom.


✨ Identify necessary systems to design & implement by considering your space, students, & economy of time.
✨ Outline clear & specific routines, procedures, & expectations using checklists & practical templates.
✨ Organize your calendar & physical & digital learning spaces with an Essentialist approach.

Module 5:


Identify & implement practices to cultivate community, respect, & positive relationships in your classroom.


✨ Build a classroom culture of community & respect with restorative justice practices & appropriate responses to crisis.
✨ Recognize the presence of trauma symptoms & acknowledge the role trauma may play in your students' lives by learning more about them.
✨ Cultivate a sense of safety & belonging in your classroom with simple, actionable inclusion strategies & community-building activities.

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Module 6:


Simplify & streamline set-up & implementation of your classroom systems with 50 ready-to-use templates.

Templates include:

✨ Planning tools

✨ Organizational resources

✨ Data trackers

✨ Student information pages

✨ Parent contact logs

✨ Lesson plan templates

✨ SO much more...

Module 7:


Empower yourself to practice self-care strategies & uphold personal work-life boundaries.


✨ Identify effective self-care & wellness strategies to implement & practice throughout the year.
✨ Recognize & respect personal boundaries & maintain a healthy work-life balance.
✨ Adopt a growth mindset & create a proactive plan for good days, tough days, & everything in between.

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Join today to get these bonuses 

  • ALL of our card decks (PDF)

  • 50 customizable templates (the ultimate teacher binder)

  • 25 Coloring Pages (for students)

  • 25 Adult Coloring Pages (for teachers)

  • The Journal Series Bundle

  • Motivational Poster Set

Untitled design.png
Untitled design (1).png

Professional development that actually works.

This is a training by teachers for teachers. We understand your pain points because we've experienced them, too. This course will provide actionable strategies & solutions for real problems in your classroom.

We also offer a certificate of completion that could earn you up to 8 professional development hours. Check with your employer for specific requirements.

This course is for you if . . .


You're prepared to

put in the work.


You know that effective classroom management takes time, patience, planning, & reflective practice. You are ready & up for the challenge. You are passionate & ready to transform your teaching practice.


You want

real results.


You've been waiting for the day that you can finally wake up & waltz into your classroom worry-free because your classroom systems run themselves. You're getting tired of trial & error, & you want real results now.


Your go-to strategies don't work anymore.


You've got a bag of tricks that's worked in previous years, but for some reason it's not quite working anymore. You need fresh strategies & systems specifically designed for your students.


You don't know

where to start.


You know where you want to go, but don't know where to start. You have so many ideas, but you feel overwhelmed by them. You need gentle guidance from someone whose been on this journey before.


You want a healthier work-life balance.


You're passionate about teaching & serving your students, but it always seems to take over your life. You're craving balance. You need support to identify & protect your personal boundaries.


You're ready to really love teaching again.


You used to truly love your job, & you still love parts of it, but it's also causing you stress. You want to find your flow again & reignite that passion you once had. You're ready to fall in love with teaching again.

Does this sound like you?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this course take?

The material included with this course (specifically, the video presentations & workbook pages) will take approximately 8 hours to complete from start to finish. 

I'm already well into the school year.
Will this course work for me?

Yes! The lessons, templates, & other resources included in Creating Calm will support educators no what time of year it is. Whether you are planning for the upcoming school year or simply want to press reset with your current class, Creating Calm will work for you.

I'm an early childhood educator.
Will this course work for me?

It depends. We created this course with K-12 educators in mind. While some material may still be relevant, it was not specifically designed for preschool-age or transitional kindergarten classrooms.

I'm an elementary educator.
Will this course work for me?

Absolutely! This course is for all K-12 educators.

I'm a secondary educator.
Will this course work for me?

Yep! This course is for all K-12 educators.

I'm not a general education teacher.
Will this course work for me?

For sure! The lessons, templates, & resources included in this course can be applied in a variety of classroom types, including general education classrooms, resource rooms, special day classes, & more.

I've taken classroom management trainings before. How is this course different?

This course is so much more than a classroom management training. Creating Calm is a tried & true classroom transformation system designed to help teachers create systems & implement strategies that are efficient, effective, & completely sustainable from day one.​ This course covers topics including educational philosophy, reflective practice, classroom design & layout, routines & procedures, reward & consequence systems, community-building, self-care for educators, & so much more.

Is this a behavior management course?

No. While Creating Calm offers strategies to respond to difficult behaviors & you will likely see a reduction in such behaviors as a result of implementing this system, it is not necessarily a deep dive on this topic.

Is this a mindfulness course?

No. If you are looking for mindfulness & breathing resources, check out The Breathing Deck & The Mindfulness Deck, located in our shop.

Is this a social-emotional learning curriculum that I can use with my students?

No. If you are looking for social-emotional learning resources to use with your students, check out products in our shop such as The SEL Card Deck Bundle, The Self-Regulation Bundle, & more.

Do you have school &
district licenses available?

Yes! For inquiries, please email

What support can you offer
me if I get stuck on something?

We're here to help you each step of the way in the Creating Calm Student Lounge, where we'll be posting additional resources & answering all of your questions.

Is there a community within
Creating Calm?

Yes! Inside the Creating Calm Student Lounge, you will be able to connect with your coaches directly as well as others participating in the course. It is a place to reflect, learn, collaborate, & celebrate wins. The community is hosted inside the members area, & you'll receive immediate access upon enrollment.

Is everything available immediately?

Yes! ALL resources included in this course are immediately accessible upon enrollment.

Is there a guarantee?


If you’re on the fence or other trainings have left you feeling skeptical, we get it. We want to give you every confidence that Creating Calm is different. That's why we're making it as easy as possible to try out this course & make sure it's a good fit for you with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not loving it, simply provide us with a copy of your completed PDF workbook from the first 3 modules (this is to show that you made a good-faith effort to try the course before deciding it wasn't right for you), & we'll happily issue a full refund.​

Ready to transform your classroom?

Creating Calm Complete Curriculum​ ($499 Value)

Lifetime Access to the Student Lounge ($299 Value)

50 Customizable Templates ($199 Value)

The Breathing Deck (PDF) ($9.99 Value)

The Mindfulness Deck (PDF) ($9.99 Value)

Affirmation Alphabet (PDF) ($9.99 Value)

The Emotions Deck (PDF) ($9.99 Value)

The Conversation Deck (PDF) ($9.99 Value)

25 Coloring Pages (for students) ($9.99 Value)

25 Adult Coloring Pages (for teachers) ($9.99 Value)

The Journal Series Bundle ($9.99 Value)

Motivational Poster Set ($9.99 Value)

TOTAL VALUE = $1,087



All results & examples included on this website & other promotional materials demonstrate what could be possible for your classroom & teaching practice now & in the future. There can be no assurance as to any specific outcome based on the use of our program. You agree that we are not responsible for your results, your personal or professional decisions, or any other kind of result in your classroom or career. You are solely responsible for your results. This website is no way sponsored, administered, or associated with any organization other than The Calm Classroom.

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