We are dedicated to creating simple, actionable resources so that you and your little ones can practice self-care in the classroom and beyond.

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This freebie (PDF) includes 25 coloring pages (for students) with a general wellness theme.

This freebie (PDF) includes 20 coloring pages (for teachers). These are coloring pages designed for adults, not children.

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This freebie (PDF) includes 9 motivational posters designed to remind each student in your classroom that they are a GOOD STUDENT.

This freebie (PDF) includes 20 simple, actionable strategies to channel the chatter & achieve calm in your classroom.

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This freebie (PDF) includes 30 classroom routines & procedures to consider, tools to help you plan them, & a breakdown of why they matter.

This freebie (PDF) includes 10 pages of activities & templates designed to help teachers achieve a healthier work-life balance.


This freebie (PDF) includes 10 child-friendly breathing exercises with a winter theme.